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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of The Rachael Ray Foundation?

The Rachael Ray Foundation™ supports causes near and dear to Rachael’s heart with one simple idea mind: that businesses that do well should do good. Our mission is to

  • Help animals in need
  • Support Yum-o!-aligned organizations, with its core work areas of “Cook, Feed, and Fund”
  • Assist causes that are near and dear to Rachael’s heart

Who does Rachael’s foundation support?

Check out our list of some of our partners here.

How much money from each bag of Nutrish® goes to charity?

Because of fluctuating ingredient costs and other aspects of the manufacturing process that are constantly changing, there is no set amount from each sale of Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® that we can say “goes to charity.” However, a portion of proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation.

How does an organization apply for a grant? How do you choose whom you work with?

All grant inquiries and applications for funding are by invitation only. The Foundation is not soliciting requests for new programs. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in daily to make a difference in your community! For all other inquires, please contact [email protected]


Can I donate to The Foundation? How can I support its mission or get involved?

The Rachael Ray Foundation does not accept donations or fundraise – it is supported through the sale of Rachael’s pet food brand, Nutrish. If you wish to further support its mission, we encourage you to check out the organizations we work with and support them directly. Find them (or like-minded organizations) in your community, get involved, donate (your money, time, expertise – every little bit counts!) and make a difference how you can. From our perspective, there is no donation or act of volunteerism too small.

How do I get in touch with the Foundation?

For all inquiries except for funding requests, please email [email protected]

When it comes to giving, remember that your time and energy are just as valuable as your money.
Rachael Ray

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